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3 Ways to Increase Bathroom Privacy| Inpro Corporation

3 Ways to Increase Bathroom Privacy

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Privacy in a public restroom – Is that even possible?

Public washrooms are a vulnerable area. Sightlines next to the door swing, space below the door, and the area between stalls, are all areas that people can peek though and see a bathroom user. The need for more privacy is apparent with all of these gaps. But what can you do to provide a “no-peek” bathroom experience?

When designing and purchasing partitions, here are 3 things that your guests will appreciate.

Bathroom partitions


3 Ways to Increase Bathroom Privacy:

  1. Larger Doors
    1. Install larger doors to reduce the gap from the top and underneath the stall. This is especially important in Education areas where the usage of camera phones are greater.
  2. Trim
    1. If you don’t like the industrial look of continuous hardware, you can also line your partitions with trim. Trim can be made from the same material as your partitions for an inconspicuous look. Use it outside of your partitions, between them and near the door to totally eliminate sightlines.
  3. Continuous Hardware
    1. Traditional small hardware pieces leave gaps running down each side each stall. The length of a continuous hardware piece will eliminate that for a no-sight-line configuration.

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